Ceremony Music Production


Your wedding ceremony is the beginning of the soundtrack to your wedding day, with as many as 15 songs played.

Instead of relying on the venue to provide a CD player, and a family member attempting to the right track as you walk down the aisle, leave me to expertly fade in and out the right track and the right time during your wedding ceremony on a professional sound system.

There’ll be a crescendo in atmosphere as the guests stand, the volume rises as your processional piece of music starts playing and you enter the ceremony room, pausing to look around and take in the sight, before slowly walking down the aisle to be handed over to your soon to be husband.

Then, after you exchange your vows, you’ll sign the register to 3 or 4 of your chosen songs, whilst your photographer takes photos, followed by your family getting their snaps.

After being presented with your marriage certificate, you’ll then exit the room to your chosen recessional music, to make the beginning of the celebrations of your marriage.

For outdoor ceremonies, or ones with a large number of guests, I can provide a discrete wireless microphone to ensure the ceremony is heard by all guests.

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