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As the host of your wedding, my goal is to help you feel like a celebrity (without any embarrassment) while your guests will be the stars of your show.

I provide a less formal version of a Toastmaster, ideal for a relaxed wedding.

It’s my responsibility to oversee proceedings, to help the day flow and ensure everyone is in the moment and nobody misses a thing.

I’ll start by co-ordinating the Receiving Line, a chance for your guests to greet you and congratulate you.

Once everyone is seated, I’ll stage the Grand Entrance, introducing each of the bridal party in to the room with a personalised message and song, culminating with your introduction to your friends and family for the first time as husband and wife.

Imagine walking into your reception to spontaneous applause, whistles and cheers, as your new wedding rings glisten under the atmospheric lighting.

I’ll introduce the speeches, providing a luxury silver lectern with microphone so that every single word is heard by all of the guests, and my interactive “Living Guestbook” provides guests with a chance to provide their “Pearls of Wisdom” to you.

Later, I’ll co-ordinate a cake cutting that brings the original tradition of the cake to your wedding (did you even know why you have a cake?!), followed by the First Dance, introduced by a beautiful and emotional Mini Love Story, a stark contrast to the unannounced First Dances you may have seen at average weddings.

My objective is to create a party that your guests will be talking about days, weeks, months and years after your special day is over.

If you want a wedding sprinkled with spotlight moments, ones that give everyone goose bumps, please contact me.

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