Wedding Planning Advice

If you’re recently engaged, and about to embark on the planning of your wedding, you’re likely very aware of the daunting process ahead of you!  There’s no escaping the fact that for most people, planning a wedding is a unique experience.  It’s not every day you plan a party for over 100 guests, with a budget of many thousands of pounds.

So where do you start?

It’s easy to jump in and source the venue first, but your venue can limit your options going forward.

Did you know that the layout of certain venues mean you’re more likely to end up with an empty dance floor?

It’s easy to focus on the ‘look’ of a wedding.  But if you want a ‘fun’ wedding – one where all of your guests leave saying ‘that was the best wedding ever’, then the entertainment is an important aspect of your wedding.

Whilst there are some venues and planners who understand the importance of entertainment, sadly, many still don’t, and will force you in to a particular timeline of events because ‘that’s the way they’ve always done it’.

Wedding Day Secrets is a book that unveils the secrets to creating a fun and memorable wedding day.

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