How Are You Ending Your Wedding?

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You may think that you’ve got every aspect of your wedding covered.

You’ve thought about the flowers, the decorations, you’ve put together all of the different favours for your guests, and you’ve even arranged transport for them.

But have you thought about how your wedding is going to end?

I’m probably am the first person to ask you about the end of your wedding, and this is probably the first time you’ve even thought about how to end your wedding, but if it doesn’t end, it will just fizzle out.

Is that how you want your wedding to end or would you like to end on a high, surrounded by friends and family?

End ‘on a high’ or ‘fizzle out’?

To end your wedding ‘on a high’, it has to be planned.

Think about a film. When you go to the cinema, you see a film with a story and it climaxes with a big ending, so afterwards, you felt that you’d watched a great film because of the great ending.

If the film just fizzles out at the end, then you’ve not had a great experience and you’ll think it was a rubbish film.

To have a great wedding, you want your guests to leave with a proper ending so that the day finishes on a high.

There’s lots of ways that I can help you achieve this.

The Circle of Love

By getting everyone on the dance floor for one last big song. I, as your DJ will coordinate this by getting all of your friends and family in a big circle around the edge of the dance floor, holding hands – with you, the bride and groom, in the middle of the dance floor with everyone singing to your chosen ‘last song’.

It means that everyone can celebrate with you at the end of the night, and at the end of the song, they’re ready to say goodbye to you before they leave. What a great way to end your wedding.

However, it can take a while for everyone to say goodbye. If you need to get away quickly, as you’re going on honeymoon straightaway or you want to leave before the end of your wedding and you’ve got a car waiting for you, you’ll need to leave relatively quickly without being stopped by everyone trying to say goodbye!

Bear in mind that just a minute with each of your 60 remaining guests for example, that’s a whole hour gone just saying goodbye.

The Grand Send Off

The Grand Send Off is a great way to leave the wedding with everyone having an opportunity to say goodbye to you without it taking too long. At the agreed time, I’ll create two parallel lines of your guests, forming at archway tunnel as they hold hands. You could even enhance this further with sparklers if the venue permits, but even without sparklers, it’s fantastic, as at a set time, you, both walk through this big archway all the way to the end, saying goodbye to everyone.

If you’ve still got your photographer there, what a fantastic photo they’ll get of this archway with you running through!

The After Party

If you’ve got plans for your wedding to go on later, maybe later than a 12 o’clock finish (which is my recommended latest end time) how about an after party?

If you and some of your closest friends have a particular type of music that you prefer listening to, but you know that it’s not necessarily going to go down well with the rest of your guests, how about having an ending with the circle of love up till midnight and then you can choose the music after midnight, a specific type of music, such as upbeat Ibiza anthems or something a little bit rockier or harder,

I can play this after midnight, and you and your friends will be ready for the after party (let them in on the plan befoe the wedding) whilst the rest of your guests can say goodbye and leave, leaving you to enjoy that last hour listening to the music that you like.

It might not last for the whole hour, as it’ll have been a long day, but hey, it’s going to be a lot of fun and it’s going to be exactly what you wanted.

Start thinking about how you want your wedding to end (it’s an important aspect of how your guests will remember it) and make sure you book a DJ that’s going to help you end your wedding on a high.