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It’s not the flavour of the canapes you’re going to remember.

It’s not the table decorations (as lovely as they are) that give a wedding soul.

And it’s not the bridesmaids’ bouquets that you’ll reminisce about for a lifetime.


It’s the emotion your guests will experience as that special song from your university days brings back memories of giddy parties long ago.

It’s seeing the pride on your father’s face as you make your entrance– ring on finger – for the very first time as a married woman.

It’s the happy banter and joyful smiles of your friends and loved ones as they enjoy a meal, and share your story, as the toasts and speeches enlighten and entertain.

Imagine how you will be feeling as the day transitions seamlessly into night and the atmosphere evolves from respectful indulgence to a full-on “Party People Vibe” where everyone has a great time.

You’re not planning a wedding, you’re planning memories.

Gavin HarrisAnd I’m the guy who threads them through.

It’s my responsibility to oversee proceedings and to help the day flow and ensure everyone is in the moment and nobody misses a thing.

How do you do, I’m Gavin – my music and hosting experience transforms average mundane weddings into glorious celebrations (that no one wants to end and no one will forget).

So if you want a wedding sprinkled with spotlight moments, ones that give everyone goose bumps, please contact me.

We’ll talk music selections even your grandparents will love, packed dance floors and how I can brighten your day with unique special touches.

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It was a real pleasure to have Gavin perform at our wedding; he really helped the evening go with a bang.  It’s such a major part of the day and went without a hitch. If you want a event with great music with a professional DJ and minimum of fuss, look no further. I can’t recommend him enough, 5 stars!

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