An Evening of Memorable Moments

Wedding DJ

Imagine how you will be feeling as the day transitions seamlessly into night and the atmosphere evolves from respectful indulgence to a full-on “Party People Vibe” where everyone has a great time.

Just playing music doesn’t create a memorable wedding reception.  I bring my hosting skills in to the evening party to create spotlight moments that are personalised to you.

The Cake Cutting

Your First Dance

The Evening Buffet

Who Knows Who The Best game

Bouquet Toss

Circle of Love and Grand Exit

My evening reception parties are packed with emotion, energy and spotlight moments that create lasting memories created just for you

I only book a limited number of weddings each year to ensure my exceptional high level of service is given to every bride and groom.

When you book, you’ll receive a full consultation where we’ll talk music selections even your grandparents will love, packed dance floors and how I can enhance your evening with unique special touches that work for you.

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