When Should You Have Wedding Sparklers

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Sparklers can be a great way to create amazing photos at your wedding.

And they’re really versatile for your photo opportunity:

  • You can write words or letters with the sparkler (photographer uses a slow exposure to capture this)
  • You can run through a tunnel of sparklers
  • You can paint light around you using the sparklers

You can get all of your guests involved, or have a photo of just the two of you (or with the bridal party)

Have a chat with your photographer – they’ll be able to show you photos they’ve created before, and will give you lots of ideas.  But make sure you’ve booked them for long enough in to the evening to be able to do the shot!

But when should you take the photo, and how can you fit it in without affecting the flow of the day?

The time of year your wedding is held will dictate the available times.  On the longest day of the year in June, the sky won’t be completely dark until after 10pm!

When to light the sparklers

After the Wedding Breakfast

It’s only really dark early enough in the winter to be able to do this.  If you have a “room turnaround” and need all of the guests to leave the room the wedding breakfast was in so it can be prepared for the evening reception party, this is an ideal way to get everyone outside.  It also helps fill the gap between the end of the wedding breakfast and the beginning of the evening entertainment.

After the Buffet

You may be worried that having the sparklers during the evening will interrupt the dancing.  But the buffet provides a natural “lull” in the evening as your guests eat, so if you plan the sparklers for an hour after the buffet begins, you can get everyone outside once they’ve finished eating, and then after, get straight on the dancefloor and get the dancing started.  It’s a great way to transition from the buffet to the party!

As a Grand Exit

If you’re planning to leave the wedding reception before the end, or just want to make a quick exit at the end of the evening, this provides you with a great “quick getaway”.  Get your guests in two parallel lines, creating an archway of sparklers that you run through to exit to your waiting car or to your room, as you say goodbye!

Additional Tips

It’s important to ensure a group sparkler shot is coordinated – otherwise you risk many of your guests missing it.  When you hire me to be your Wedding Host, I’ll get your guests in to the right place, ensuring it’s executed as you dreamt.

Don’t forget to supply lots of matches.  If you only have one box, the first person’s sparkler will have finished by the time the last person lights theirs!  So ensure there’s lots of boxes of matches available – you can even personalise them with your names and wedding date so your guests have an extra little gift to take home.

And don’t forget to be safe.  It’s really important to provide somewhere for the sparklers to be extinguished.  The best and safest way is a galvanised steel bucket filled with sand.

You’ll want to check in advance with your venue, in case they don’t allow sparklers, and to ensure you comply with any rules they have.

* Photo by Zest Photography